Suffering from Shoulder Pain?

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The shoulder can suffer a variety of problems, for example, deep and burning pain, frozen and restricted, local muscle/tendon tear or can be pain perceived at the shoulder however originating from other parts of the body (referred pain).

What causes Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder complex is technically made up by 3 separate joints, so any problem with any of these can produce shoulder pain. The main ‘ball and socket’ joint is liable to injury due to the need for a large range of motion to position the arm and hand. However this occurs at the expense of stability in the joint. There are 4 main muscles (rotator cuff) which attempt to stabilise the shoulder joint and in doing so are put under large strain and are susceptible to minor through to major tears. Due to its nerve connections with areas in the neck and upper back, problems here can result in shoulder pain.

Other causes include:

What can we do for your Shoulder Pain?

Here at the Ashford Osteopathic Clinic we attempt to discover what the cause or causes of the shoulder pain are. To provide relief from pain and to treat the underlying cause, in order to prevent the re-occurrence. This may include examination of the neck, elbow, and back. Depending on the patient and the problem, a specific treatment plan can be produced.

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