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Low back pain can vary greatly in intensity and type of pain and can have significant effects on a person’s lifestyle. Preventing the person from engaging in sports, hobbies or interests to even preventing going to work. There are many types of low back pain including; dull, diffuse general ache which is worse when waking in the morning, to almost constant sharp, stabbing, localised pain. Some low back pains can be worse for certain movements and relieved by other movements, whilst other times it can seem as if the whole lower back is ‘locked’. It can be associated with pain into the legs (sciatica), feet, gluteal/buttock region, with or without pins and needles.

What causes Low Back Pain?

The low back is an area susceptible to injury, as it takes much of the strains and stress of everyday life.

Causes of low back pain include:

The pain can often be caused by damage to the disc, the joints of the vertebrae, muscle strains or ligament sprains. If any of these have a direct effect on the surrounding nerves it can produce symptoms, usually pain or pin and needles/tingling in the buttocks, legs, knees, calf and feet.

What can we do for your Low Back Pain?

Here at the Ashford Osteopathic Clinic we attempt to discover what the cause or causes of your low back pain. To provide relief from pain and to treat the underlying cause, in order to prevent the re-occurrence. Depending on the patient and the problem, a specific treatment plan can be produced.

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