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Is there pain on walking or going up or down stairs? With some knee pain there can be noticeable swelling and/or bruising. It can sometimes be painful and stiff first thing in the morning or after periods of inactivity. Sometimes knee pain can improve by gentle movement whereas with other types of knee problems movements can worsen the pain. Some problems of the knee can result in a feeling of locking, catching or instability where the knee feels like it is going to ‘give way’. There can also be popping/clicking/snapping/grinding noises associated with the problem.

What causes Knee Pain?

There are many causes of knee pain, and due to the knee being a ‘weight bearing’ joint, large stresses are placed on the joint. The knee also plays a crucial role in walking and running, here it permits a simple ‘backwards and forwards’ motion. However if other forces, which can happen during trips, falls, sports, and so on, are placed upon the knee these can cause tears and sprains. The actual cause of pain can be located within the knee joint itself of can be the surrounding muscles.

Common causes of knee pain include:

What can we do for your Knee Pain?

Here at the clinic we can help with improving mobility of the knee, reducing compression, aiding in producing correct alignment of the joint, which is especially important as it a ‘weight bearing’ joint. We will address surrounding areas to hopefully reduce strains passing through the knees, as well as relieving muscle tension.

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