Suffering from Hip Pain?

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Hip pain can be a deep, ‘gnawing’ type of pain, it can be intermittent or almost constant, often it is worse for movement and relived by rest. There can be stiffness in the joint following a period of rest which eases after movement begins. It can also be a general ache, or possibly very localised tenderness. The hip pain can be associated with grinding, clicking or snapping sounds.

What causes Hip Pain?

There can be many causes for hip pain, often depending on age. Due to the hip being a ‘weight bearing’ joint, it is more prone to bone and joint injuries.

What can we do for your Hip Pain?

Here at the clinic we can help with improving mobility of the hip, reducing compression, aiding in producing correct alignment of the joint, which is especially important as it a ‘weight bearing’ joint. We will address surrounding areas to hopefully reduce strains passing through the hips, as well as relieving muscle tension.

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