Suffering from Elbow Pain?

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The pain can be localised and only on one side of the elbow, or it can be a general ache. The area can be suffering with overall swelling, or just a localised, noticeable bump. The area can also feel hot and there can be marked reductions in movement. There can also be popping/clicking or grinding noises.

What causes Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, and as it is a link between the shoulder and the wrist/hand, the elbow is functionally challenged with repetitive activities.

Other causes of elbow pain include:

What can we do for your Elbow Pain?

Here at the Ashford Osteopathic Clinic we attempt to discover what the cause or causes of the elbow pain are. To provide relief from pain and to treat the underlying cause, in order to prevent the re-occurrence. This may include examination of the neck, shoulder, and wrist as well as the elbow. Depending on the patient and the problem, a specific treatment plan can be produced.

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