Suffering from Ankle/Foot Pain?

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The pain can often be worse in the morning following an ankle sprain, usually associated with swelling and bruising. Other conditions also produce more pain in the morning or after rest. Sometimes walking up or down stairs can be painful, or can be worse for high levels of activity such as running, sprinting can aggravate ankle/foot pain.

What causes Ankle/Foot Pain?

The ankle is a load bearing joint with the main function being for walking and running, being made up by the two shin bones connecting with the upper bones of the foot. The foot itself consists of 26 bones and there are a total of 57 joints that possess flexibility as well as rigidity. These result in many areas for pain and dysfunction, it can be due to overuse, such as excessive running without proper running shoes, or warm up. High heels and long hours in improper footwear, poor posture and biomechanics as well as being ‘flat footed’ (over pronated).

Other causes include:

What can we do for your Ankle/Foot Pain?

Here at the clinic we can help with improving mobility of the ankle and foot, aiding in producing correct alignment of the joint, which is especially important as it a ‘weight bearing’ joint. We will attempt to treat the underlying cause to hopefully prevent recurrence. Depending on the patient and the problem, a specific treatment plan can be produced.

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